Trip Duties

Expedition Canoeing, 20th Anniversary Edition: A Guide to Canoeing Wild Rivers in North America (Falcon Guides Canoeing) provides a system of trip duties that we will follow for this trip. The trip will need the following duties filled:

  • Leader: Bryan
  • Treasurer: Steve
  • Research Technician and Navigator: Tim
  • Transportation Chairperson: Bryan
  • Weather Forecaster: Tim
  • Menu Planner: Steve
  • Supply Officer: Bryan
  • Publications Officer: Bryan

Explanation of Duties

  • Leader: The person who makes sure everything is completed on time. And is worshiped liked a King! Okay, maybe not the second part.
  • Treasurer: Responsible for control of our budget. Assignment: Figure out how much this trip is going to cost us and then come up with a payment schedule.
  • Research Technician and Navigator: Find maps, make contacts. Set-up a realistic time and distance schedule. Program GPS waypoints.
  • Transportation Chairperson: Figures out how we're going to get everyone up north. Passports. Entry to Canada stuff.
  • Weather Forecaster: Forecasts weather on the trip and is responsible for finding out weather patterns before we leave.
  • Menu Planner: Maybe two people. Work up a low-cost, efficient menu for the trip. We can all do this using this wiki.
  • Supply Officer: Person to come up with a through list of personal and group equipment essentials.
  • Publications Officer: Someone to get us mega-dollars and many sponsorships. Someone to put together articles about planning a trip, being on a trip, tripping to Lake Nip, etc…
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